Throttle Therapy Time!

Explore! Sierra Touring Company
Wow! It looks like spring is here with summer right around the corner, what a crazy winter it has been. We had some great snow conditions early on and then it got cold…just enough to keep that powder fresh! I think I personally did around 3000 miles guiding tours, what a blast! It was great to meet a bunch of new folks and be able to introduce them to this awesome sport, life is grand! This year’s ATV season has started off with a bang, we actually had a full month of doing ATV and Snowmobile tours at the same time, I didn’t know if I was coming or going but we sure were having fun!
Soooo…it’s time to break the news! I spent my spare time this winter working with my good friend Jay Read of High Sierra ATV Tours in the Frenchmen Lake area. Jay has been in the business quite a while and is looking to slow down and eventually retire. We have decided to combine our operations under the name of Explore! Sierra Touring Company, with Jay helping out until he decides it’s time to give it up. (I don’t know when that will happen; he still loves his throttle therapy!) I am really excited about this change, because we can now offer a number of different tours. Looking at our website you will see three different ATV tours available plus snowmobiling. If you don’t see something that fits your needs, call us! We will be happy to set up something special for your group.  Oh! Before I forget, something new is in the works for this summer, it just might involve water sports! Do the words “Jet Ski” mean anything to you? Oh yeah! Let’s do it!

2 Hour ATV Tour…Ride the Ranch!

$130 per person

Experience the thrill of “Throttle Therapy” while exploring the 1750 acre Diamond S Ranch in beautiful Sierra Valley on late model ATVs. You won’t forget this one! For more information and to book a tour, go to our Ride the Ranch page.

4 Hour ATV Tour…Crystal Peak Adventure!

$260 per person

Grab an ATV and come with us, this tour has over 3000 feet of elevation change…yes, we are going to get some spectacular views! Let’s go. For more information and to book a tour, go to our Crystal Peak Adventure page.

6 Hour ATV Tour…Dixie Mtn Wildlife Refuge

$390 per person

Need to unplug? This is a great way to do it, an all day ATV adventure! Cruise through 80 miles of trail in the Plumas National Forest, “Throttle Therapy” at it’s finest. For more information and to book a tour, go to our Dixie Mountain Wildlife Refuge page.