2 Hour Snowmobile Adventure


  • Snowmobile Riding Orientation
  • Helmet and Goggles

Driver: $130

Passenger: $75

Three Hour Snowmobile Adventure


  • ATV Riding Orientation
  • Helmet and Goggles

Driver: $185

Passenger: $85

Clothing Rental

Adult Clothing: $15 Per Person

  • Rental fee includes boots, pants, jackets and gloves.

The Cure for Cabin Fever!

Come visit us for a one of a kind snowmobile adventure in the beautiful Lake Davis Recreation Area. Grab your snowmobiles from our office at J&Js Grizzly Store, 7552 Lake Davis Road, get familiar with them on our practice track, and when you’re ready, off you Go! Join a volunteer from the Outriders Snowmobile Association and explore the area like only the locals can do!


Each Snow Adventure Includes:

  • Snowmobile Safety Orientation
  • Helmet and Goggles
  • Your Snowmobile Ready To Go
  • Two Hour Adventure
  • $15 Boots, Gloves and Snow Pants Rentals if needed
  • Open Seven Days
  • Adventures begin at 10 a.m. or 1 p.m.
  • $130 per person / $75 per passenger
  • Help, Guidance and Instruction from a Volunteer from the Outriders Snowmobile Association